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General Information

Checkbook NYC is pleased to announce the availability of its data in an Application Programming Interface (API). All data present in Checkbook NYC is available through the API, except for visualizations.

By default API calls will retrieve up to a maximum of 1000 records per call. You can retrieve a fewer number of records by specifying the "max_records" parameter. If you want to retrieve all the records you can make multiple calls by varying the value of the starting record position using the "records_from" parameter. All data is sent and received using XML Formats and should be sent using an HTTP POST request.

End Point


API has 1 required global parameters and 2 optional global parameters in every request. Depending on the value used for type_of_data, there are additional optional parameters that can be sent. The XML formats will hopefully be fairly self-explanatory; for meanings of specific data fields, please refer to the samples below for each type_of_data (domain) request.

Below listed are links to documentation for each domain. The Documentation consists of global parameters and domain specific parameters. All fields for spending and contracts domains have an additional column added called ‘Applicable filters’ which specifies if it is applicable to citywide agencies or other government entities. There are also sample XML request and response (both for citywide agencies and other government entities) included for each domain.

Allow access to Budget Parameters
Allow access to Contracts Parameters
Allow access to Payroll Parameters
Allow access to Revenue Parameters
Allow access to Spending Parameters