New Features

In order to keep up with the changing landscape of Checkbook, we have added the ‘New Features’ Button. Check in here for new functionality within the application, so that we can provide you with unparalleled levels of government transparency.


Catastrophic Events

We have now added a new drop down in Advanced Search and Data Feeds called, Catastrophic Events. You will be able to search all Budget, Revenue, Spending and Contracts related to a particular catastrophic event. We have added Covid-19 to this drop down and will add future catastrophic events that affect the City.


New York City Housing Authority

Checkbook is now showing, NYCHA Payroll, Contracts, Spending, Budget and Revenue Information. This integration will support the expansion of the Checkbook NYC site to include NYCHA data into Checkbook NYC and its transparency domains. This will expand the coverage of New York City’s primary financial transparency website to include NYCHA financial data, contract information, and vendors who are contracted to execute their work. The addition of this information will enable the general public, good government groups and government officials and to review how and where budgeted dollars are spent within NYCHA.


1. Sub vendor Contracts Status

It is our wish to not only provide greater transparency, but to help prime and sub vendors track the progress of their sub-contracts within the City. In order to achieve this, we needed to provide Agency Chief Contracting Officers (ACCOs) with a simple way to review all of their prime contracts while encouraging more Prime vendors to enter their sub vendor information into the City’s Payment Information Portal.

By including additional subcontractor information into Checkbook, we are now able to allow:

  • 1) All interested parties to review sub vendor information, including contracts and payments.
  • 2) Interested parties to see who has declared and entered sub vendor information on prime contracts into PIP as required by MOCS.
  • 3) Prime vendors a simple way to review the status of all their contracts.
  • 4) Sub vendors to cross-reference information entered in PIP to their own accounts payable systems to ensure proper, prompt payment.
a. Prime Vendor Contract Status

Whether prime vendors have uploaded sub vendor information is displayed using one of three options.

  • 1 = No Data Entered. Prime has not entered any sub vendor information
  • 2 = Yes. Prime has indicated sub vendors on contract
  • 3 = No. Prime has no sub vendor on contract
  • 4 = Not Required. Prime Current Amount<250,000 and/or prime contract associated to specified list of award method and contract types exclusions.

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