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New York City Economic Development Corporation

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Includes all multiyear contracts whose end date is greater than today's date or completed in the current fiscal year


In July of 2010 the New York City Comptroller’s Office launched Checkbook NYC, an online transparency tool that for the first time placed the City’s day-to-day spending in the public domain.

Using an intuitive dashboard approach that combines a series of graphs and user-friendly tables, Checkbook NYC provides up-to-date information about the City's financial condition.

In August 2014, the NYC Comptroller's Office took the next step in online government transparency and unveiled a first-of-its-kind agreement with the City’s Economic Development Corporation to provide vendor names, contract amounts and payments to prime vendors contracted to work on taxpayer-funded projects, along with new functionality including email alerts.

Checkbook NYC has been ranked the top transparency tool in the nation for tracking government spending by the United States Public Interest Research Group, and was named the “Best External Application” in 2013 by Government Technology Magazine.


NYC Economic Development

The New York City Economic Development Corporation's mission is to encourage economic growth in each of the five boroughs of New York City by strengthening the City's competitive position and facilitating investments that build capacity, generate prosperity and catalyze the economic vibrancy of City life as a whole.

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